Russia Aims To Undermine European Normalcy, Zelensky Warns

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has said that Russia wants to make life hard for everyone in Europe.

“It is trying to attack with poverty and political chaos where it can’t yet attack with missiles,” Mr Zelensky said in his regular address on Saturday.

He talked hours after Russia said its main gas pipeline to Europe would not open as planned.

During the conflict in Ukraine, Europe said that Russia was using its gas supplies to blackmail Europe. Russia denied this.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, energy prices have gone through the roof, and there may not be enough energy to keep prices from increasing.

People in the EU are becoming more worried that they won’t be able to pay for heating this winter.

Governments all over the continent are thinking about what they can do to stop the crisis.

Germany, which is one of the countries most hurt by the Russian supply disruption, said on Sunday that it would help in the amount of €65 billion (£56 billion).

Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, said Russia was no longer a reliable energy source.

Because of the standoff with Russia, countries have had to fill their own gas stores. Germany’s gas stores went from being less than half full in June to being 84% full today.

Europe is trying to stop getting its energy from Russia in order to make it harder for Moscow to pay for the war.

Gazprom, Russia’s state energy company, said on Friday that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline could be shut down for good.

The pipeline that goes to Germany had been closed for three days for what Gazprom called maintenance work. It was supposed to reopen on the fourth day.

Charles Michel, president of the EU Council, said that the service being cut off was “unfortunately not a surprise.”

“The EU will not change its mind even if gas is used as a weapon. We will move faster toward being independent of energy. Our job is to protect our own people and help Ukraine stay free “He sent out a tweet in response to what Gazprom said.

Moscow says it is not using energy supplies as a way to hurt the economies of countries in the West that support Ukraine.

It has said that the sanctions are stopping normal maintenance on Nord Stream 1, but the EU says this is just an excuse.

Gazprom made its statement soon after the G7 countries agreed to put a cap on the price of Russian oil to help Ukraine.

The UK, the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan are all part of the G7 (Group of Seven).

When they put a price cap in place, countries that agree to it will only be able to buy Russian oil and oil products that are shipped by sea if they are sold at or below the price cap.

But Russia says it won’t sell anything to countries that are part of the cap.

The gas pipeline goes from the coast of Russia near St. Petersburg to northeastern Germany. It can carry up to 170 million cubic metres of gas a day.

Since the invasion, this isn’t the first time that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been shut down.

Gazprom stopped all deliveries for 10 days in July because of “maintenance work.” After 10 days, it started up again, but at a much lower level.

In his speech, President Zelensky said, “Russia is getting ready for a decisive energy attack on all of Europe this winter.”

He said that Europe would only be safe if all its countries worked together.

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