Navalny Greets Supporters From Jail: Our Pleasant Focus Camp

Mr. Navalny claimed that it was even illegal to use vulgar language. “This ban is strictly adopted” in a Russian prison, which is unusual.

The Russian initials IK2 have long been used to designate this particular penitentiary because of the tight adherence to rules. Legal experts and former inmates have described a separate, tougher punishment facility behind its walls as a location where offenders will not be able to socialize or even speak to each other.

For Russia’s colony-type prisons, the location is typical, with some modifications, of the gulag camps that were built in the 1930s. Inmates are housed in low-slung, two-story structures surrounded by walls and barbed wire in groups of a few dozen known as brigades.

Mr. Navalny’s life is always under the stringent control of the jail administration thanks to the cooperation of fellow detainees and the warden. According to a former convict, the nationalist lawmaker Dmitri Dyomushkin, inmates spend hours standing with their fists clenched behind their backs, looking down at their feet while being barred from establishing eye contact with the guards.

This means that Mr. Navalny was roused up every hour of the night by an armed guard with a camera reporting on his situation, which he described in Monday’s put-up.

“I think that somebody up excessive read Orwell’s ‘1984’ and said, ‘Oh, superior.'” he wrote in a blog post. Let’s give it a go. “Dehumanization in education.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Navalny sought to exude positivity, as he has regularly done in recent months. Russians are being told that they needn’t worry about Mr. Putin, as long as they believe that their side will win out in the end.

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