Sambhavna Seth Criticizes Poonam Pandey for Faking Death in the Name of Cancer Awareness

Sambhavna Seth has strongly criticized fellow reality TV star Poonam Pandey for orchestrating a fake death scenario purportedly aimed at raising cancer awareness. The incident, which sparked outrage among celebrities and the public alike, saw Pandey’s team initially claiming she had succumbed to cervical cancer, only for Pandey herself to resurface alive the following day. Seth, who shares a friendship with Pandey and had appeared alongside her on Khatron Ke Khiladi, expressed her dismay and frustration at the deceptive stunt.

“Playing with Mental Health”: Seth’s Fiery Rebuke

In a video shared on her Instagram, Seth addressed the controversy in Hindi, condemning Pandey’s actions in no uncertain terms. She denounced the stunt as a disgraceful manipulation of emotions and mental well-being, lambasting the insensitivity of using a fabricated death for publicity. Seth questioned the ethics behind such a ploy, expressing incredulity that Pandey’s PR team had sanctioned the ill-conceived strategy without considering its repercussions.

Personal Anguish and Empathy

Seth, who herself experienced the loss of her father during the pandemic, empathized with the emotional turmoil inflicted upon those who believed Pandey’s false demise. She lamented the distress caused to both the media and the public, highlighting the profound impact such deceitful tactics can have on individuals’ mental states. Seth concluded with a poignant reflection, noting that the credibility of future reports of genuine deaths may now be questioned due to the fallout from Pandey’s hoax.

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