Three Football Players Were Killed At The University Of Virginia

Three Football Players Were Killed At The University Of Virginia


There is a flood of sadness at the University of Virginia, where classes are canceled for a second day. Three football players were shot and killed on campus, and new information is coming out about the student who is accused of killing them.

On Monday, hundreds of people gathered on the Charlottesville campus for a vigil. Candles were placed around the Statue of Homer, and signs read “UVA Strong” and “1-15-41,” which were the uniform numbers of the three UVA football players who died. UVA spokesman Brian Coy said Monday that two other people were hurt. One was in critical condition and the other was in good condition.

Officials have said that the people who were killed were on or near a school bus when they were shot. They had just come back from a school trip when they were shot. The suspect, who used to play football at UVA, was caught the next morning.

At least 68 people have been shot and killed on US school grounds this year, 15 of them on college campuses. The Gun Violence Archive says that this is one of about 600 mass shootings in the US this year in which at least four people were shot beside the shooter.

Students locked themselves in dorms, classrooms, and libraries for hours after the shooting at UVA. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was arrested late Monday morning in Henrico County, which is about 80 miles east of Charlottesville. UVA Police Chief Timothy Longo Sr. said that he is charged with three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of using a handgun to commit a crime.

Police haven’t said what caused the attack.

Support poured into Charlottesville from all over the country and the area.

Even the rival Virginia Tech women’s basketball team wore “#HokiesforHoos” shirts on Monday.

The alleged gunman was spotted by an officer

The alleged gunman was spotted by an officer

Sunday, when a class was coming back from a trip to Washington, DC, someone opened fire at UVA. University officials said that the class had seen a play, but it wasn’t clear right away if Jones was in that class or went on the field trip.

Around 10:30 p.m., shots were heard near a parking garage on Culbreth Road, near academic buildings, university President Jim Ryan said. Police went to the scene and found no one was hurt. Two of the people who were killed were on the bus, and the third person was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Longo said that the “shelter-in-place” alert was lifted about 12 hours after the call came in. He said that more than 500 people took shelter on campus, including in libraries and classrooms.

After the attack on Sunday, the police went on the hunt for Jones. Then, around 11 a.m. ET on Monday, a Henrico County police officer saw the car Jones was driving in the eastern part of the county. According to a news release from the police division, Jones was “taken into custody without incident.”

On UVA’s sports website for 2018, Jones is listed as a football player who did not play in any games as a freshman. His university sports bio says he went to Varina High School and Petersburg High School, where he played football as a linebacker and running back.

Media was told by a person from UVA that Jones already had an injury that made it impossible for him to play football in 2018. Jones got medical treatment and rehab while he was on the team, and a spokesperson says he was only on the team for one season.

The spokesperson would not say what happened to Jones or how he got hurt.

Jones had been on the radar of campus officials before. In September, the police found out that Jones had talked to someone “not connected with the university” about having a gun, Longo said Monday. But, he said, that person never saw the gun in question.

“During the investigation by the threat assessment team, we found out about a crime involving a concealed weapon that happened outside of Charlottesville in February 2021,” said Longo.

He said that the suspect was supposed to tell the university about what happened, but he never did. The case was taken over by the school’s judicial council, and the results are still to come.

Longo said that Jones was also part of a campus investigation into hazing that was closed because witnesses would not talk.

The students who were killed were good athletes.

All three people who died and at least one of the two people who were hurt were football players at UVA.

This season, Davis, a junior from South Carolina, was one of the Virginia Cavaliers’ best wide receivers. As a 6-foot-7-inch receiver, he was the team’s best deep threat. He caught 16 passes for 371 yards and two touchdowns, which is a great 23.2 yards per catch.

The students who were killed were good athletes.

Perry, a junior linebacker, has played in 15 games over the last three years. On Saturday, when his team lost 37-7 to Pittsburgh, he made two tackles. In a statement read by their lawyer, Perry’s parents thanked people for their condolences.

Chandler, a junior wide receiver and kick returner, had just moved to UVA from the University of Wisconsin this offseason. The football program at Wisconsin said it was “deeply saddened” by the deaths.

Because of the profound effect Devin had on his friends and teammates, the statement read, “this is a difficult time for players and staff.” The whole Virginia football family and the rest of the world send our condolences to his loved ones.

According to the head football coach at University Lab School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Michael Hollins has been injured. According to the roster, Hollins is a junior and the starting running back for the University of Virginia.

Michael Hollins Sr., Hollins’s father, told The Washington Post that despite his son being shot in the back, he is expected to make a full recovery. The media’s attempt to comment from the family went unanswered at first.

According to his father’s statement to the Post, Hollins was on track to graduate in December with a double major in business and African American history.

The other hurt person has not been publicly identified by authorities.