Buffalo Shooting Suspect Expected to Plead Guilty in Massacre

Buffalo Shooting Suspect Expected to Plead Guilty in Massacre


The alleged shooter in the racially motivated slaughter of 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo earlier this year has agreed to plead guilty. According to two relatives of the deceased, the suspect who is accused of killing 10 people in a racist slaughter at a supermarket in Buffalo earlier this year has agreed to plead guilty to all state counts against him.

His mother, Ruth, was murdered on May 14 at a Tops grocery, and her son, Garnell Whitfield Jr., claimed on Thursday that he had been notified that the suspect, Payton Gendron, would plead guilty on Monday. A plea agreement was also revealed by Zeneta Everhart, whose son was injured but survived the incident.

Mr. Gendron, 19, was indicted on 25 counts, including 10 counts of first-degree murder and 10 counts of second-degree murder as hate crimes, as well as a single count of domestic terrorism motivated by hate, which carries a penalty of life in prison without parole. He live-streamed his attack and left behind extensive online writings illustrating his racist beliefs.

Mr. Whitfield complimented law enforcement for their efforts on the case. Still, he expressed disappointment that a trial would not be undertaken to demonstrate the larger forces, such as social media, that are believed to have motivated the shooter.

He’s guilty of having done what he’s accused of, so he’s irrelevant to me,” Mr. Whitfield replied. He mentioned the gun industry’s sway, saying, “Those are the things that we want to put light on and expose.”

The district attorney’s office in Erie County, New York, refused to comment on the plea, citing a gag order. A spokesperson for District Attorney John J. Flynn, however, named Kaitlyn Munro, confirmed that the suspect would be making an afternoon court appearance in Buffalo on Monday.

The mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown, has said that the suspect’s plea “is going to be difficult for the families” because “it will open up that wound again.” However, I think it’s a good thing that this person is admitting guilt.

The suspect is an outspoken white nationalist who claimed in his writings that he made the long journey from his residence in Conklin, New York, in the Southern Tier to east Buffalo because of the city’s significant Black population.

Authorities said he shot 13 victims, nearly entirely Black, and that three of them are still alive. Authorities said he shot 60 bullets inside the shop using a semiautomatic rifle while disguised and wearing body armor with the purpose of “killing as many Blacks as possible.” He peacefully surrendered to authorities, and they promptly took him into custody.

Officials said the attacker had made white supremacist comments on the messaging app Discord before the attack. A federal complaint alleges that on the morning of the incident, the suspect left a note in his bedroom stating that he “had to commit this attack” because he was concerned “for the survival of the White race.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James released a report last month detailing the suspect’s plans to webcast the murders in order to spread his white supremacist ideology and encourage others to commit acts of violence in the same vein.No quick response was received from the suspect’s attorney.

Federal firearms and hate-crime charges relating to the slaughter are still pending against the suspect, who was 18 at the time of the attack. Zaire Goodman, 21, was shot in the back of the neck and killed; he was Ms. Everhart’s son. Survivor’s remorse and the pain of shrapnel in his back have persisted six months after the shooting, she said.

A guilty plea, she added, would provide “some sort of justice,” but neither she nor her son would feel at ease. She said, “I wished the country could see what he did at trial,” meaning she wanted the accused person to stand trial. Ms. Everhart emphasized the significance of the audience seeing that “this doesn’t just go away because this guy pleads guilty.”

She claimed that her son was still actively participating in therapy. When would he get back to living a “normal” life, she wondered. Truthfully, I can’t imagine the occurrence of a typical date.

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