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Malik Monk was born on February 4, 1998, and is a professional basketball player. He is an NBA (National Basketball Association) player from the United States. As of now, he’s a 24-year-old basketball player with the ‘Sacramento Kings’ (2022-present). He’s previously played for the ‘Los Angeles Laker’ (2021-2022) and ‘Charlotte Hornets,’ as well (2017-2021).

Malik Monk is currently regarded as one of the best young NBA players in the United States. In addition, he’s a widely agreed-upon 5-star Prospect. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Malik Monk is undoubtedly one of the best and most influential players in the NBA today.

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Malik Monk Early Life

Originally from Jonesboro, Arkansas, Malik Monk is now a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas. Also, since his school days, he has been playing Basketball. Michael Scales, Monk’s paternal grandfather, was the father, and Jacaynlene Monk, his maternal grandmother. It is possible that Monk’s parents divorced while he was a child. The only thing we know about Malik’s parents is their first and last names.

Marcus Monk, Malik’s older half-brother, is currently 31 years old. Marcus was also a sports fan. He was also a football player in high school and college. Marcus, like Malik, was drafted in the NBA draught in 2008. But he couldn’t continue since he couldn’t get past the practice squads. Malik was greatly influenced by Marcus.

Malik took up basketball as a sport during his time in high school. At East Poinsett High School, he was a student from Arkansas. Where he performed admirably. Bentonville High School in Bentonville, Arkansas welcomed him as a new student. On March 11, 2016, he played his final high school game there.

The next year, he enrolled at the University of Kentucky to pursue a Ph.D. Despite his parents’ desire for him to attend the University of Arkansas, he had decided to attend this school on his own. He was recognized as one of the best players in the 2016 class when he graduated high school in the same year.

The four major recruiting services—ESPN, Rivals, Scout, and 247—all participated in this exercise. Malik Monk was drafted by the NBA in the 2017 NBA draught, therefore he decided to leave college following his rookie year. His NBA career has flourished since then.

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Malik Monk Personal Life

Malik is young, wealthy, and famous. He’s one of the league’s most promising young stars. Even though Malik is a household name, it appears that he prefers to keep his personal life as quiet as possible. The reason he’s kept his personal life under wraps is because of that. Iggy Azalea (born in 1990), an Australian pop singer and rapper, is one of his ex-girlfriends. Early in 2022, Malik and Iggy began to date. They were seen out on a date night with Anthony Davis and his wife, who is also married.

Dinner at an Italian restaurant was the setting for the date. In Los Angeles, it was Valentine’s Day. So far, there hasn’t been any new information on the status of the romance. As a result, no one knows if the two are still seeing each other or not. Before this, Malik has never been married and did not have a relationship at all with any other person We may or may not see more of his relationships in the future, depending on how old he is.

Malik Monk Net Worth

Malik Monk is a well-known professional basketball player who makes the most of his money from the sport. The money he makes as an NBA player makes up a large portion of the deal he signed with NBA teams. As an example, he has signed a four-year contract worth $1,789,256 million dollars with the Sacramento Kings.

According to Forbes ‘ list of the league’s highest-paid players, Malik will be the 389th highest-paid NBA player in 2022. As a result, it can be determined that Malik Monk has a net worth in the neighborhood of $3 million. You can read about Malik’s childhood and personal life below.