French farmers discover progressive options to battle sudden chilly spell

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As France experiences an sudden chilly snap, farmers are scrambling to avoid wasting their crops and are being pressured to give you ingenious options to the lethal frost.

Late frosts all through France are feared to have induced harm to vineyards, orchards and crops with producers attempting to counter the sudden drop in temperatures with a variety of protections together with candles, water sprays and even helicopters.

One farmer has been spraying his apple orchard with water to guard it from frost harm. “It is easy: The water produces this gel the second it freezes. And this frees up energy, that are digested contained in the ice and the apple blossom. It is much less chilly contained in the ice, like an Eskimo inside an igloo, than exterior,” he defined.

One other farmer in Burgundy has lit big candles all through his vines and hopes it is not going to rain. Some have even resorted to hiring helicopters to fly low over their crops to maintain the air circulating in a bid to avoid wasting this yr’s harvest.

Click on on the video participant to observe this report by FRANCE 24 and FRANCE 2.

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