Where To Watch Family Guy?

Where To Watch Family Guy?


Have you been humming the theme song all day? Family Guy began on Fox in 1999 and has remained on our screens ever since (except for an early cancellation). With the debut of Disney Plus’ new Star service in February 2021, it will also be available on that platform.

For its dark, daring humor and pop-culture references, the animated sitcom, a considerably more adult-oriented version of The Simpsons that Fox is also home to, is known. In addition to writing and voicing the show’s most prominent characters, Seth McFarlane is the show’s creator and executive producer.

Family Guy can be streamed online in the UK, and here’s how to do it.

How to Watch Family Guy in the UK

On Disney Plus, Family Guy is now available in the UK. When it was released, it was one among a slew of adult-oriented titles that were rolled out as part of Disney Plus’ new Star brand. Atlanta, 24, and The X-Files, for example, are all available on Disney+ Star. For a complete list, see our Disney+ Star content roundup.

What is Family Guy about?

The Griffin family is the focus of Family Guy. Peter and Lois have two children, Chris and Meg, a newborn named Stewie, and a dog named Brian – both of whom can talk. For a long time, people have been fascinated by the pop culture-filled mishaps of the Quahog family and their Quahog neighbors.

Do you know how many seasons there are of Family Guy?

As the program is presently in its 19th season, we can assume that seasons 1-18 will be available on Disney+ Star when it starts, and if it follows in the footsteps of The Simpsons, new seasons will be made available immediately after they conclude running on the network.

A fun fact about Family Guy: after three seasons, the sitcom was originally scheduled to be canceled. Fortunately, Fox realized the mistake of their ways and brought it back, and it is still a regular feature on their schedule.

Family Guy cast: Who stars in Family Guy?

Seth McFarlane, the show’s creator, is one of the show’s most prominent voices, portraying characters including Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Quagmire. Lois is spoken by Alex Borstein, Chris is voiced by Seth Green, and Meg is voiced by Mila Kunis, who has long replaced Lacey Chabert in the part.

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