Viola Davis Received The Most Unusual Pitch For The Woman King

Viola Davis described the unusual circumstances of “The Woman King” pitch as such: “Maria Bello pitched it when she presented me with an award at Skirball Center at National History Museum for Women. Instead of introducing me, she pitched the movie to the audience. I’m telling you, the pitch itself had the same effect as the movie. Everyone stood up and cheered and hollered.”

It’s hard to think of other movies that were directly pitched to actors by awards presenters while presenting an award, let alone situations where such a pitch would be widely celebrated rather than seen as a distraction. But that’s just how compelling the central premise of “The Woman King” is — and how perfectly suited Viola Davis is to playing the lead role — that this unorthodox pitch led to one of the most critically acclaimed action movies of 2022.

“The Woman King” is now playing in theaters.

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