The Real Reason Lily Nicksay Left Boy Meets World

During an episode of their podcast, “Pod Meets World,” Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle opened up about Lily Nicksay’s “Boy Meets World” departure with actor William Russ, who played Alan Matthews on the TV series. When discussing why Nicksay ultimately ended up leaving the series, Russ said, “I think there was some issues that had to do with growing up. I’m not sure she was very happy at the time and [‘Boy Meets World’ creator] Michael Jacobs, to his credit, could see that and he decided what was best personally for her was to let her try something else.”

In the same podcast episode, Fishel was quick to note that Nicksay was “so naturally funny and just cute as a button,” but said, “You really have to want [to be a child actor]. It’s a lot on your shoulders and she was 6 years old. I think eventually she just got to a point where she was like, ‘This isn’t as fun as you guys all think it is.'” Friedle, meanwhile, noted, “She just didn’t want to be there.”

For her part, Nicksay told Entertainment Weekly in 2013 that her parents and the “Boy Meets World” producers made the “mutual decision” to have her to step away from the role of Morgan Matthews. Fortunately, while Nicksay’s time on “Boy Meets World” didn’t last long, it’s clear that she still managed to make a lasting impression on the show’s fans. The same can impressively be said for many of the series’ young cast members, all of whom were perfectly cast as their characters. In fact, one of the show’s stars, Lee Norris, didn’t even have to audition for his role as Minkus.

If that’s not proof of just how well-cast “Boy Meets World” was, then nothing is.

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