The Hellraiser Trailer Has Fans Divided Over This One Big Thing

Although excitement is at an all-time high for “Hellraiser,” fans would rather the movie be released theatrically than on Hulu.

On the official r/Movies thread discussing the trailer, fans expressed their anticipation for the reboot. The fact that there is a new “Hellraiser” movie with an actual budget was enough to get most of the users’ attention, while others focused on specific details from the trailer. Though the vast majority of the comments were positive, there was a resounding disappointment that the fans wouldn’t be able to see “Hellraiser” in a movie theater.

User lucinaka stated, “I get so disappointed that these are not going to theater.” User chillinwithunicorns related “Hellraiser” skipping the theatrical release to another Hulu original, saying, “Like ‘Prey’ I wish I could see this in a theater, way more than I wanna see something like ‘Smile’ that’s for sure.”

Relating “Hellraiser” to “Prey” is an interesting comparison. “Prey” was very much a return to roots for the “Predator” franchise while also giving fans a fresh take on the series. The movie was a massive success for Hulu, with many calling it the best since the original, but fans also wish they could have seen it on the big screen. Many outlets have since theorized if “Prey” would have been as big of a success if it released theatrically, but hindsight’s 20/20, and fans wish 20th Century Studios would’ve released it in theaters.

“Hellraiser” looks to do exactly what “Prey” accomplished with its franchise, so it’ll be interesting to see the film’s success once it releases. “Hellraiser” will release on Hulu on October 7.

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