Oliver Stark Sees A Journey Of Healing For Buck In 9-1-1 Season 6

Around the time that “9-1-1” Season 6 started airing on Fox, TV Insider published an interview with Buck actor Oliver Stark in which he dives deep into how he views and understands his character. At one point, interviewer Meredith Jacobs asked Stark whether or not Buck is in therapy during Season 6, as well as how his relationships with those close to him are faring.

“He’s kind of turning to self-help books. Which doesn’t mean that he’s not still in therapy. It’s not something that we necessarily see onscreen. But he’s definitely on a journey to explore more of who he is,” Stark replied. He then added that Buck’s healing journey has its ups and downs, but is ultimately to the character’s benefit.

After that, Stark mentioned that isn’t yet cognizant of Buck’s full Season 6 character arc, given that just six of its episodes were complete at the time of the interview. Nevertheless, he mentioned that Buck is now attempting to prove that he’s more thoughtful and less reckless as a firefighter than in past seasons.

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