Is Netflix Renewing or Cancelling Manifest Season 5?

Passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, who arrived in New York City five and a half years after their flight departed Jamaica, learn that everyone on board was presumed dead until they arrived in the Big Apple in 2013. According to NBC’s schedule, the show launched on September 24th, 2018, and was created by Jeff Rake. However, NBC confirmed in June 2021 that Manifest had been canceled and that there will be no fourth season, contrary to what Rake had anticipated.

Michaela Stone is played by Roxburgh, with Athena Karkanis as Ben’s wife Grace Stone, and J R Ramirez as Detective Jared Vasquez rounding out the cast.

Viewers learned more about the strange otherworldly events that transpired when Montego Air Flight 828 returned during the show. Voices and visions were reported by passengers who had no other explanation for their physical and mental changes. The six-season drama was only halfway through its existence when season three concluded on a dramatic cliffhanger. Because of this, fans became irritated by the plethora of unanswered questions. There will be no fourth season of the show, NBC confirmed.

Manifest Season 5 Plot

When it came time for the season 4 finale of Manifest, several cliffhangers will have an impact on what happens in the final season of the show. One of the first things that Jared (J.R. Ramirez) learned about Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) was that she had a hand in the death of Sarah’s mother, The Major (Elizabeth Marvel). Angelina (Holly Taylor) fled with Grace after killing Eden (Athena Karkanis). As a result, police rounded up Christopher Piccione (Randall) and Ali Lopez-Sohail (Eagan).

Captain Daly resurfaced, only to vanish again, leaving no one to speculate why (Frank Deal). Show creator Jeff Rake told TV Insider that Captain Daly will have a hard time comprehending “whether it’s Purgatory or the netherworld,” he said of Captain Daly.

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“In other words, Captain Daly has spent the last five and a half years exactly where the passengers have been,” he continues. Because he reappears in the season finale, Captain Daly has been where Cal has been since the conclusion of Episode 312, when he disappeared. In the fourth season, when we return, I’ll let Cal explain what’s going on there.”

In the final season, we’ll see how all of this plays out in the characters’ lives. Rake is happy with the progress the team has made, despite the lack of the six seasons he had planned for. According to EW, “the ending will not change at all.” 20 episodes should be enough time for me to tell the full story that I had in mind.

Manifest Season 5 Cast

The most difficult part of renewing Manifest for a fifth season is bringing the cast on board. As soon as Netflix announced they were renewing the show, Jeff Rake told All Your Screens that the company had asked for the actors to be given a Several-week extension so they could shop about and see if anyone else was interested.

A couple more weeks of their time were graciously granted by the actors involved in the show’s production. At one point, no one was willing to step up, and those contracts had already expired, so there was no one else. Right now, you can hire any of those Actors. So that’s one more thing we’ll have to get beyond if we do find a partner to continue producing the show.

Josh Dallas and J.R. Ramirez have already been confirmed to return, along with Melissa Roxburgh.

On September 9th, it was revealed that returning cast members Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, and Holly Taylor. Additionally, Ty Doran was promoted to a regular-season position as well.

On September 10th, Daryl Edwards, who plays NSA director Robert Vance, was promoted to series regular.

The departure of Cal’s actor, Jack Messina, was the show’s most prominent thus far. While Cal was supposedly negotiating, this is true.

At the time, Matt Long was unable to film owing to conflicts with his role in the NBC pilot Getaway. Jeff Rake told TVLine that Matt Long’s return will allow Zeke to “complete his Manifest journey just as originally envisioned” in the fourth season.

Season 5 of Manifest will feature several new smaller cast members, including:

  • Captain Kevin Fahey is played by Perry Strong.
  • Detective Price is played by Antonia Monet.
  • As a Registry Uniformed Officer, Aaron Smallwood Jr.
  • Breton Tyner-Bryan in the role of an unnamed cop.
  • Officer 828 Sabastian Betts.

Manifest Season 5 Release Date

Season 4 and the final season of Manifest are to be streamed on Netflix in August 2021 because of the show’s strong performance on Netflix and the fans’ online petitions to rescue it. There will be a total of 20 episodes throughout this season’s run. They won’t all be available at the same time on Netflix, though. Instead, it will be broken up into a few portions. Jeff Rake’s book may be published in November 2022, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

The release date for the fifth season of Manifest has been set for some point in the year 2023. In all likelihood, in the fall of 2023.

Manifest Season 5 Trailer

Unfortunately, the fifth season of Manifest does not have a trailer. We’ll let you know as soon as we have any new information.

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