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Hacks Season 3: Everything We Know So Far


Hacks will have a third season. The popular comedy with Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder has been picked up for a second season by HBO Max. The renewal comes a few weeks after the season 2 finale, which sent their characters, including stand-up legend Deborah Vance, off in a new direction. Deborah Vance and Ava Daniels, a young writers on the rise, write in different ways.

At the start of Hacks, a very old Deborah was struggling to keep her long-running headlining job in Las Vegas. Her agent put her together with Ava, a millennial, to make her act more interesting for a younger audience.

After getting to know each other and learning to respect them, they went on the road in season 2 to work on Deborah’s new act and make it into a special that did well. Still, the diva fired Ava, but she did so for a good reason. She wants Ava to fly away from the nest on her own. If there is a season 3, it will likely follow their different paths.

Co-creator and co-star Paul W. Downs told Entertainment Weekly, “We feel like this is just the second part of a bigger story we want to tell” (opens in new tab). “When we pitched the show, we talked about how it would end, which is not what you saw in episode 8 of season 2.”

Here’s what we know so far about season 3 of Hacks.

Hacks Season 3 Release Date Speculation

Hacks season 3 has been ordered by HBO Max, but there is no date set for when it will come out.

In a statement, HBO Max’s Head of Original Content, Sarah Aubrey, said, “We congratulate Hacks’ incredibly talented executive producers, cast, and our partners at Universal Television.” “We’re thrilled with how the audience and press have reacted to the new season, and we’re happy to give people more of this beautiful, funny, and moving show.”

The first two seasons both came out in May, a year apart. Season 3 is likely to do the same. So, we think the third season of Hacks will start in May 2023.

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Hacks Season 3 Cast

Hacks Season 3 Cast
Hacks Season 3 Cast

Season 3 of Hacks would be incomplete without Jean Smart as Deborah Vance and Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels, even if we don’t have confirmation just yet. Deborah, like Joan Rivers, is a legend and a success in the world of comedy. Despite several hiccups in her career, Ava is still a budding comedic writer.

Recurring cast members, such as the following:

  • Paul W. Downs as Jimmy LuSaque, Deborah and Ava’s manager
  • Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Marcus, Deborah’s chief operating officer
  • Kaitlin Olson as Deborah “DJ” Vance Jr., Deborah’s daughter
  • Jane Adams as Nina, Ava’s mother
  • Mark Indelicato as Damien, Deborah’s personal assistant
  • Poppy Liu as Kiki, Deborah’s personal blackjack dealer
  • Rose Abdoo as Josefina, Deborah’s housekeeper
  • Meg Stalter as Kayla, Jimmy’s assistant
  • Christopher McDonald as Marty Ghilain, CEO of the Palmetto Casino
  • Johnny Sibilly as Wilson, Marcus’ ex-boyfriend
  • Angela E. Gibbs as Robin, Marcus’ mother
  • Luenell as Miss Loretta, Robin’s friend
  • Lorenza Izzo as Ruby, Ava’s ex-girlfriend

Season 3 of Hacks is expected to feature some notable names in comedy, such as Laurie Metcalf and Margaret Cho, who have been on the show before.

Hacks Season 3 Plot and Season 2 Ending, Explained

Season 3 of Hacks would pick up where season 2 left off, with Deborah firing Ava in the season 2 finale. Several networks are bidding for the streaming rights to the program, which they wrote together.

Deborah advises Ava at a party that she must “create space for her work.” She points out that Ava didn’t give the special enough credit. “She tells Ava, “You’re just like me,” as she wipes away her tears. “You have a mountain to climb of your own.”

Ava is in a state of shock. Deborah has become a close friend to her. Are they going to stop talking? When Deborah is asked if she will see him again, she responds, “Oh, yes, in court!” The NDA was breached by Deborah, who is suing Ava for damages.

The lawsuit is being dropped, and Ava receives a phone call from Jimmy informing her of the good news.

Even though it may seem like the end of anything, the show’s creators see this separation as merely a new chapter.

As Jen Statsky explained to Decider, “I don’t believe we feel exactly like storylines are completed or tied up” (opens in new tab). “This is more about the characters’ growth and development, as we’ve always emphasized in our promotional materials. For someone like Deborah, who is discovering new things about herself as she performs and grows into a more self-accountable character, we wanted to see those discoveries reflect in her actions.”

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