Who is Madison Lecroy Dating?

Who is Madison Lecroy Dating?

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Madison LeCroy, star of Southern Charm, just revealed what fans have been waiting to hear for about a week: she’s engaged!

In an Amazon Live appearance on Thursday, the Bravo star, 31, claimed that her boyfriend Brett proposed to her last week after taking her and her 8-year-old son Hudson to a delayed birthday party (whom she shares with her ex-husband).


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As the newly engaged singer told PEOPLE, she “didn’t expect” her big proposal to happen so soon. We had a lot of trips this summer, so I figured it might happen about then.

On the contrary, Brett took his girlfriend and Hudson out for a night on the town before popping the question at home.

My son is bouncing around, and I’m thinking, ‘Oh, it’s just a birthday dinner,’ and I turn around and my fiancé is on one knee proposing to me in my living room,'” she adds. “It was so personal. Because of my happiness, I’ve been sobbing uncontrollably. Excited as can be.”

In the meantime, who is her new fiance, and how did they meet? We sat down with the star to get all the facts about her boyfriend.

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It Was Love at First Sight

He pursued me out of the restaurant and said, ‘I’ve got to get your number and I have to take you on a date.'” They first met in April while they were both visiting Arizona with friends. LeCroy knew right away that he was the one.

Madison Lecroy with Her Boyfriend

Then she turned to her companions and exclaimed, “That’s him, y’all,” according to LeCroy. That man is going to be my husband, I thought. Somehow, I’m drawn to him in a way that I’ve never experienced before in my life. “It was then that I realised.”

The moment she informed him that she resided in South Carolina (he is headquartered in California), she claims he quickly flew out to visit her in person. I told him that was fine, and he said he’d fly down the next day and take me out on a date in South Carolina. “[He’s] devoted and willing to put in the time and effort.”

“Once we met, we were like, hey, this is it,” she recalls saying at the time. “I’ve discovered my soulmate.”

He Avoids Becoming the Center of Attention

This time around, her fiancé avoids the spotlight, in contrast to other men she’s been linked to in the past (like Southern Charm co-star Austen Kroll, with whom she dated for over three years).

In the words of LeCroy, who has chosen to withhold his last name for the time being, “he doesn’t use social media.” When the time comes, I’ll take his name, but for the time being, I’ll stick with mine. “I think I’ll hyphenate my name,” I said.

Even though she’s been posting more photos of the two of them together on Instagram, don’t hold your breath for any appearances on the show in the near future.

Surely no one wants to present their ex from a terrible relationship to anyone else. ” That’s why I’ll be doing all in my power to keep it safe,” she explains. Because he isn’t a reality-TV type of person, he isn’t likely to get into any trouble.

He has a Close Relationship with Her Son Hudson

“I believe that my family adores him even more than I do. That makes me pleased. According to LeCroy, “He’s obviously been embraced.” Hudson, on the other hand, adores Brett to no end.


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We sat down with my son and asked him, ‘What were your initial impressions of Brett when you first met him?'” “That he was the one,” he said. According to LeCroy. “I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough. At that point I was thinking: “You are so brilliant, I should have guessed that.”

It’s Hudson’s father, her ex-husband, who really matters to her when it comes to her engagement news, she revealed on Amazon Live.

Prior to the news going public, we made it a point to call him and tell him about it.” He was overjoyed to hear that we had been successful. During her live part, LeCroy added, “He was glad that Hudson genuinely loves my fiancé.” For someone to have the support of one’s son’s father, it’s a rarity. “However, he was always there for me.”

As of today, they live on both coasts


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They have chosen to “go bi-coastal for a little while” while Brett is still in California and LeCroy is in Charleston. “I’m also launching a salon in two weeks. That makes me so happy. We’ll travel back and forth between here and California, where he still owns a house and everything until we find our origins.”

They’ll Take Their Time Wedding Planning

LeCroy admits she hasn’t made up her mind yet on the wedding date. After a year of planning, “I’m hoping I can come up with something wonderful,” she adds, adding that her ideal wedding size is 50 or 70 people.

But in the end, she’s ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. The two of them haven’t been seeing each other for very long, but they already know what they want in a relationship. “What’s the point?”


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