Resurfacing Elon Musk's Birth Rate Worries

Resurfacing Elon Musk’s Birth Rate Worries in the Wake of Twin Report: “Doing My Part”

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Concerned about the dwindling American population, Elon Musk joked that his company was doing its best to increase birth rates.

Following a report by Business Insider that Musk and Shivon Zilis, an executive at his artificial intelligence startup Neuralink, had twins in November, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s thoughts on the topic have resurfaced.

One set of twins and one set of triplets were born to Musk and his ex-wife Justine Wilson, while two more were born to Musk and Zilis, and the third set of twins was born to Musk and singer Claire Boucher.

In 2002, Musk and Wilson brought their first child, Nevada Alexander, into the world. At the age of ten weeks, he succumbed to sudden infant death syndrome.

Concerned about the dwindling American population, Elon Musk joked that his company was doing its best to increase birth rates.

A surrogate mother, Exa Dark Sidereal, gave birth to Musk and Grimes’ daughter, Exa Dark Sidereal, in December 2021. X A-Xii, the couple’s 2-year-old son, is also shared.

The birth of Musk’s daughter with Canadian artist Grimes was kept secret for months, similar to the delivery of Musk’s twins.

This week’s story on the infant twins has brought renewed attention to a tweet in which Musk shared an image credited to the Wall Street Journal that depicts the United States’ dwindling population.

In a May 24 post, the businessman stated, “The US birth rate has been below minimum sustainable levels for 50 years.” A “demographic calamity” has occurred in the last two years.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a South African-born citizen, said, “I mean, I’m doing my part hysterically.”

Musk, who has an estimated worth of $219 billion, went on to describe his large family: “This is unique btw. In general, the more money a person has, the fewer children they have.”

According to him, “Civilization has sterilized” one of the tweets added to his thread.

“Contrary to popular belief, the wealthier one is, the fewer children one has.” I’m a one-of-a-kind case. More than half the folks I know are childless.”

In response to the comment, “It’s astonishing how many people out there are dead set on *not* having children,” Musk responded, “Yeah,” along with a disappointed face emoji.

Another inquired about the falling population, writing, “Where is this listed on your list of greatest concerns??”

I would place it above AI because it is a greater risk,” Musk said. The human race will be extinct if these patterns continue.

During the conversation, another participant said, “Elon, any ideas on how we can reverse this trend?”

“Get a family!” As he reaffirmed his position on human reproduction, Musk remarked.

As soon as the news of his twins broke, the Twitter thread was deluged with comments.

According to Musk, he doesn’t get involved in his children’s lives until they are adults. Nothing more can be done for the time being. Right now, Grimes is playing a lot bigger role than I am.

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