Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally ended their marriage.


Kim Kardashian said that Kanye West helped her come up with ideas for her skincare line SKKN when she showed behind-the-scenes footage of the launch of the line.

She wrote on her Instagram stories, “Of course, Kanye or Ye wouldn’t have finished my creative process, and I always give credit where credit is due.”

He brought his team with him and put me in touch with Willo Perron, a designer, who helped him come up with the new name.

Kardashian showed different mood boards with pictures of neutral sculptures that were the inspiration for her skincare line.

“You guys should have seen the first set of packaging,” she said.

When Kanye walked into the room, he was like, “This is not it,” and he was right. Packing is his thing.’

Kim Kardashian doesn’t feel bad that she broke up with Kanye “Ye” West.

On the May 12 episode of The Kardashians, the founder of SKIMS talked about her breakup with the “Praise God” rapper and how they had very different feelings about it. Kim said that she asks Ye to sign the divorce papers “all the time,” but Ye doesn’t “want a divorce,” which has made the process take longer.

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But that’s not what makes Kim the angriest. She went on to talk about how she has been treated differently since the breakup.

In a confessional, she said, “If I do something on a reality show, people are like, ‘How dare she talk about it!'” “Then he can sing, which is a very creative and expressive thing to do. It always seems like two different points of view are being said in two different ways, and one is respected while the other is not.”

Kim told her sister Kourtney that she’s “very sure now” about the divorce, even though she’s been criticized.

“When I filed, I knew it had to be done,” she said. “I knew it wasn’t the right situation for me, so I didn’t do it. I feel great right now.”

Kourtney said that the breakup has made Kim figure out who she is outside of Kimye. Kim agreed with this and said, “I started asking him for advice about everything, including what to wear. I still have panic attacks like, “What should I wear?”

The mother of four then said that she styled herself for the Wall Street Journal’s 2021 Innovator Awards, and Kanye did not like the look. Kim said, “After that, he called me.” “He told me I’m done with my work. Then he showed me a photo of Marge Simpson in a similar outfit.”

When Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021, it was proof that they were no longer together. Legally single since 2022, the reality TV star is now dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson.

In court papers that E! News got their hands on in February, Kim said, “Even though I wish our marriage had worked out, I have come to realize that there is no way to fix it. Kanye doesn’t agree, but it looks like he’s finally figured out that I want to end our marriage even if he doesn’t.”

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