Jenna Jameson Net Worth

Jenna Jameson is a former adult film star who is now running her own business. Jenna Jameson’s net worth comes from her work in adult movies. She also helped start a business for adults called ClubJenna. She and her husband at the time, Jay Grdina, started ClubJenna in 2000. At first, the company sold pictures and videos, diaries, relationship advice, and stock market tips.

It grew into an adult web empire that sold merchandise and adult movies starring Jenna and other adult actors and actresses. Jenna has played chiefly roles with other women, but she has also played roles with men. Jenna has also made movies like “Jenna’s Provocateur,” which she directed.

Early Years

Jenna Marie Massoli was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 9, 1974. This is where she got her name. When Jenna was very young, her mother, a showgirl in Las Vegas, died of melanoma. Their new homes were in Arizona and Montana. As a child, she lived part-time with her grandmother and often participated in beauty pageants. During her childhood, she also took ballet lessons.

Jameson started taking drugs in high school, and after four years of heavy drug use, he became addicted. She went to Bonanza High School and then worked at Disneyland Resort for a short time. Jameson got a job at the Crazy Horse Too strip club, and after only six months, he was making $2,000 a night there. Jennasis was her name when she first started dancing. In 1991, she started posing naked for pictures to get into Penthouse.

Career in Film

Jameson’s first erotic movie came out in 1993. It was a soft-core movie by Andrew Blake that didn’t have any explicit scenes. She became famous quickly and started acting in adult movies around Las Vegas. In 1994, she beat her drug problem by spending a few weeks with her father and grandmother back at home. She then moved to Los Angeles and lived with adult actress Nikki Tyler, who she was also dating at the time.

In 1995, Jenna signed an exclusive deal with Wicked Pictures, a small company that makes adult movies. For each of the eight movies she did in her first year, she got $6,000 from the contract. Her first big-budget movie was “Big Blue,” which came out in 1995. Both the movie and Jameson won a number of awards from the three major industries. By 2001, Jenna was making $60,000 for a day and a half of filming and $8,000 for a night’s work at a strip club. Jenna stopped making adult movies in 2008.


In 2000, Jenna and her boyfriend at the time, Jay Grdina, who would soon become her husband, started an adult company called ClubJenna. It was one of the first sites of its kind to offer blogs, relationship advice, and stock tips in addition to pictures and videos. Jenna starred in the first ClubJenna movies, but by 2004, she had stopped doing that and let other people take over the lead roles. The website sold videos directly showing Jameson with other women or Grdina.

In the end, the business hired 18 people to make content, sell goods, make DVDs, and handle web traffic for dozens of popular adult domains. At its peak, the company is said to have made between $5 million and $15 million per year. Playboy Enterprises bought ClubJenna for an unknown amount of money in June 2006. Playboy bought ClubJenna Inc. in 2005 for an amount between $25 and $50 million, which is not known for sure.

Jim Grdina, Jay’s brother, later sued Jay and Jenna, saying he had invested in ClubJenna but didn’t get his share of the money from the sale. He also sued them separately because he gave them a $250,000 loan in 2003 to help them buy Penthouse Magazine. After the bid fell through, the brother said that he only got back half of what he had put into it. The brother also said that the couple owed him $275,000 from a loan he gave them in 2006.

It’s interesting that Jim Grdina is now married to Bibi Jones, who used to be an adult star.

Other Ventures

Jameson was on the “Howard Stern Show” all the time. She had a small role in “Private Parts,” the movie about his life. She did voice work for “Family Guy,” and in two episodes of “Mister Sterling” on NBC, she played the girlfriend of a political financier. Jenna’s voice acting skills have also been used in video games. The first was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as Candy Suxxx, and the second was in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Four as Daisy. She also appeared with Eminem in a music video for the song “Without Me.”

In 2004, Jameson wrote a book about her life called “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale.” The juicy tell-all was written with New York Times writer Neil Strauss. It was an instant hit and stayed on the New York Times Best Seller list for six weeks. Jameson also wrote “Sugar,” a fictional erotica book that came out in October 2013.

In 2005, she made a website for gay men called Club Thrust that lets them talk to each other. It had tips on sex, videos, a lot of gossip, and other things. In 2005, she became a co-owner of the Arizona strip club Babes Cabaret with some business investors. Many people didn’t want Babes Cabaret to open, but Jenna started a petition and won the right for it to stay open.

In 2006, Wicked Cow Entertainment, which is based in New York City, expanded her brand to include barware, handbags, shoes, perfume, and lingerie, which were sold at high-end stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

Personal Life

Jenna was with Nikki Tyler, an adult actress, for a long time. In her autobiography, Jameson talks about many famous boyfriends, like Tommy Lee and Marilyn Manson. She was married to adult star and Wicked Pictures director Rodney Hopkins (also known as Brad Armstrong) for only ten weeks. They got a divorce in March 2001 after Brad found out Jenna had an affair with Jorge Araya Montoya, whom she met while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Jay Grdina was her second husband. From 2003 to 2006, Jenna and Jay were married. In 1998, they met. Soon after they got married, Jay and Jenna moved into an Arizona home that cost $4.5 million. Grdina was also a star in adult movies. He used the name Justin Sterling when he did this. From 1998 until Jenna quit making adult movies, they were each other’s only co-stars. After she was diagnosed with skin cancer and had surgery in 2004, she couldn’t get pregnant with Grdina. In 2006, they said they were no longer together.

Before the divorce was finalised that same year, Jameson started dating UFC Champion mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz. As their relationship grew, Jenna had twins, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette, in 2009. Ortiz was arrested in 2010 because he was accused of hitting his wife. Jenna broke her arm, and Ortiz says it was because Jenna was out of control and had become addicted to OxyContin.

Even though both sides have stopped saying anything bad about the other, the police are still looking into what happened. In March 2013, Jameson and Ortiz broke up. He was given full custody of the twins. In an interview in 2019, Tito said that Jenna spent $8 million while together. He also said that Jenna had lost the right to see their sons and was now living in Hawaii, far away from everyone.

Jameson said in August 2016 that she and her boyfriend, Lior Bitton, were expecting their first child together. In April 2017, their daughter Batel Lu was born.

How Much Does Jenna Jameson Make, And What Is Her Net Worth?

Jenna Jameson has a net worth of $5 million.

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