10 Best Ground-Types in Pokemon GO

In the world of Pokemon GO, Ground-type monsters reign supreme, boasting incredible power and versatility. With their dual-type attributes, they gain access to a wide array of moves that provide tremendous battle potential and coverage. Let’s explore some of the most potent Ground-type Pokemon that dominate the game.

1. Shadow Golem

Shadow Golem is a fearsome dual Rock and Ground-type monster in Pokemon GO. With a maximum CP of 3334 and well-balanced stats (211 Attack, 198 Defense, and 190 Stamina Power), it excels in all three stat branches. Its best moveset includes Rock Throw (STAB Potential) and Earthquake (STAB Potential), offering a total DPS of 13.58. While vulnerable to Ground, Ice, and Steel-type attacks, Shadow Golem can resist Electric and Poison-type moves.

2. Excadrill

Excadrill, a dual Ground and Steel-type, boasts a maximum CP of 3667 and an offensive stat spread (255 Attack, 129 Defense, and 242 Stamina Power). Its optimal moveset comprises Metal Claw (STAB Potential) and Drill Run (STAB Potential), delivering 14.84 DPS. While it’s vulnerable to Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Water-type attacks, Excadrill has an impressive list of resistances, including Poison, Electric, Rock, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Normal, Psychic, and Steel-type moves.

3. Shadow Golurk

Shadow Golurk is a powerful dual Ground and Ghost-type Pokemon, enhanced by its Shadow nature. It reaches a maximum CP of 3226 and has a stat spread of 222 Attack, 154 Defense, and 205 Stamina Power. Its best moveset combines Mud-Slap (STAB Potential) and Poltergeist (STAB Potential), providing a DPS of 15.10. The monster is weak to Dark, Ghost, Grass, Ice, and Water-type attacks but can resist Electric, Fighting, Normal, Poison, Bug, and Rock-type moves.

4. Rhyperior

Rhyperior, a dual Ground and Rock-type monster, is a force to be reckoned with, boasting a maximum CP of 4221 and an impressive stat spread of 241 Attack, 190 Defense, and 251 Stamina Power. Its best moveset is Smack Down (STAB Potential) and the Legacy Charge Move Rock Wrecker, delivering 14.55 DPS. Weak to Ground, Ice, Steel, and Fighting-type attacks, Rhyperior is especially susceptible to Grass and Water-types. However, it can resist Electric, Poison, Fire, Flying, Normal, and Rock-type moves.

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5. Shadow Rhydon

The dual Ground and Rock-type Shadow Rhydon reaches a maximum CP of 3594, with a stat distribution of 222 Attack, 171 Defense, and 233 Stamina Power. Its best moveset combines Mud-Slap (STAB Potential) and Stone Edge (STAB Potential), offering a combined DPS of 14.51. Shadow Rhydon is weak to Ice, Steel, Fighting, and Ground-type attacks but can resist Electric, Poison, Fire, Flying, Normal, and Rock-type moves.

6. Therian Landorus

Therian Landorus, a legendary dual Ground and Flying-type Pokemon, boasts a maximum CP of 4434. Its offensive stat spread includes 289 Attack, 179 Defense, and 205 Stamina Power. Its optimal moveset is Mud Shot (STAB Potential) and Earthquake (STAB Potential), resulting in 15.55 DPS. Vulnerable to Water and Ice-types, Therian Landorus can fairly resist Ground, Bug, Electric, Fighting, and Poison-type moves.

7. Shadow Mamoswine

Shadow Mamoswine, a dual Ice and Ground-type Pocket Monster, reaches a maximum CP of 3763 and features an Attack and Stamina-oriented stat spread of 247 Attack, 146 Defense, and 242 Stamina Power. Its best moveset comprises Mud-Slap (STAB Potential) and High Horsepower (STAB Potential), resulting in 17.35 DPS. Weak to Fighting, Fire, Grass, Steel, and Water-type attacks, it can fairly resist Electric and Poison-type moves.

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8. Shadow Garchomp

The dual Dragon and Ground-type Shadow Garchomp is a formidable threat to most monsters, boasting a maximum CP of 4479 and an attack-centric stat spread (261 Attack, 193 Defense, and 239 Stamina Power). Its best moveset combines Dragon Tail (STAB Potential) and Outrage (STAB Potential), resulting in 18.23 DPS. While showing weakness against Dragon and Fairy-types, Shadow Garchomp is mainly vulnerable to Ice-type moves. However, it can resist Electric, Fire, Poison, and Rock-type attributes.

9. Mega Swampert

Mega Swampert, a dual Water and Ground-type Pokemon, possesses exceptional battle capabilities with a maximum Pokemon GO CP of 4975. Its stat spread includes 283 Attack, 218 Defense, and 225 Stamina Power. The best Mega Swampert moveset is a combination of Water Gun (STAB Potential) and Hydro Cannon (STAB Potential), with a combined DPS of 25.31. Highly vulnerable to Grass-type attacks, Mega Swampert can fairly resist Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel-type moves.

10. Primal Groudon

The Legendary Primal Groudon is a dual Ground and Fire-type Pocket Monster with extreme offensive prowess. It has a maximum CP of 6672 and an offense-centric stat spread comprising 353 Attack, 268 Defense, and 218 Stamina Power. The best moveset of Primal Groudon combines Dragon Tail and the Legacy Charge Move Precipice Blades (STAB Potential), resulting in 20.06 DPS. Weak to Ground and mostly Water-type attacks, it can reasonably resist Electric, Bug, Fairy, Fire, Poison, and Steel-type moves in Pokemon GO.

These Ground-type powerhouses are highly sought after by Pokemon GO trainers due to their exceptional performance in battles and the strategic advantage they offer with their dual-type attributes.

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