France warns of retaliatory measures over post-Brexit fishing rights

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The French authorities warned Tuesday that it was weighing reprisals after Britain set new guidelines governing entry for French fishing boats close to the Channel Islands, the newest skirmish in a deepening post-Brexit dispute.

“We’re prepared to make use of these retaliation measures,” Maritime Minister Annick Girardin informed lawmakers in parliament.

She talked about specifically penalties involving the underwater cables that offer electrical energy from France to Jersey, the biggest Channel island.

“I’m sorry it has come to this,” Girardin mentioned, however “we are going to accomplish that if we now have to.”

Paris and London have more and more clashed over fishing in current weeks, as French fishermen say they’re being prevented from working in British waters due to difficulties in acquiring licences.

Within the newest transfer, Britain on Friday authorised 41 ships outfitted with Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) know-how – which permits ships to be situated – to fish in waters off Jersey, a self-governing British Crown Dependency. 

However this record was accompanied by new calls for “which weren’t organized or mentioned (with France), and which we weren’t notified about”, the French fisheries ministry mentioned. 

The measures successfully create new zoning guidelines for the waters close to Jersey – “the place the ships can go and can’t go”, in addition to the variety of days the fishermen can spend at sea and utilizing what equipment, the ministry added. 

“That is completely unacceptable,” Girardin mentioned. “If we settle for this for Jersey, it might imperil our entry in all places.”


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